Student Voice Given a Platform in Student Council


Jessica Ochoa

2019-2020 Student Council Leaders and Co-Sponsors

Tom Lee, DMS Teacher, Social Studies

Most educators admit that students are more likely to be engaged and excel in their educational experience if they are given choice and a voice in their learning. That’s true inside and outside the classroom. Around the nation and world, student voice is given a platform through school level Student Councils.

Dalton Middle School is wrapping up its second year of Student Council. Through the Student Council, students get to learn how to make good decisions when given an opportunity. They also learn how to lead. Students always rise to the occasion. 

Student Council President Ali Gutierrez said those who participate in Student Council have to “make sure they would be willing to listen to other classmates’ opinions and keep an open mind.” 

“They really do think hard about it. Usually, they get it right,” explained Student Council co-sponsor Maegan Larimer.

Student Council Vice President Ava White emphasized being given the opportunity to help make decisions when talking about her and her fellow Council officers’ roles. We “are given the opportunity to interact with classmates and make decisions about events such as Homecoming and Spring formal,” stated White. 

For homecoming this year, students sought input from other students about the daily themes and well as the theme and design for the parade float. Senior level officers worked hard to make sure other students had a say. Unfortunately, the spring semi-formal didn’t happen due to school closure, but planning was underway. Students got to affirm a theme, help identify elements of what would go in the ticket package, and even give input on pricing. 

“The adults in the room can tell you it’s tempting to make the decisions. It’s quick. It’s easy. But having student voice play a role is critically important. It is the thing that drives what we do. And so in that spirit, we look forward to another productive year next year, building on the progress we’ve seen so far,” stated Student Council co-sponsor Tom Lee.