COVID-19 Impacts Graduating Class of 2020


Tony Carlson

Jill Patel, DHS senior, awaits news about graduation for the class of 2020.

Blakely Thornton, Studio D Writer

Due to school cancellations caused by COVID-19, 2020’s graduating class may be missing out on some of the most memorable moments of their senior year.  COVID-19 has spread very quickly, and it has caused citizens all over the world to have to stay at their houses. Along with being stuck at home, students are unable to attend school. This caused many problems and missed opportunities, especially for high school seniors. Due to the pandemic, students have to do their work online. Learning virtually is the only option.


This also keeps students from participating in any activities or ceremonies that were scheduled to take place. This is very difficult for seniors, since it is their last year in high school. They miss out on multiple things, but the main thing would be graduation.


Many seniors have been looking forward to this day ever since they were in kindergarten. Although these students will still be graduating high school, it may not be how they spent their whole life thinking it would. Grace Sampson-Walker, a senior at Dalton High School, has been awaiting graduation for 13 years. “Graduation is something that many of my friends and I have looked forward to for a really long time. And it’s very sad and disappointing that it won’t be happening in the way we always imagined!” she said. Walking in a cap and gown seems like a magical experience for some, although there’s a chance that the class of 2020 won’t be able to. “They still have it scheduled to be on the 22nd of May, however, I believe it will be postponed.” Sampson-Walker claims.

Other Opportunities

Graduation isn’t the only thing that seniors could be missing. Prom and college tours may not be happening for the class of 2020 as well. Sampson-Walker says, “Prom was canceled this year! Yes it was very sad. I did not go to my junior prom so since my senior prom was canceled I actually did not go to any prom!  That was very sad for me and hard! It makes me really wish that I had done more my junior year!”


Prom may not seem like a big deal, but it is a very memorable high school experience. Lots of students make great memories at prom and to miss out on it is devastating. College tours are a factor in deciding where a student will be attending college. Since campuses are closed, students can no longer walk around and really see what each choice is like. This makes it harder for upcoming college freshmen to really tour the campus. Even though things are hard and upsetting for the class of 2020, seniors are still finding ways to make the most of the rest of their school year, even if it’s digital. Just because things aren’t traditional doesn’t mean other digital or delayed opportunities can’t be just as great!