An Interview with the Director of School Nutrition

Wimberly Brackett, Director of School Nutrition, makes rounds to the various school cafeterias.


Wimberly Brackett, Director of School Nutrition, makes rounds to the various school cafeterias.

Georgia Grace Brackett, Studio D Writer

Going Back in Time with My Mother 

I’m sure many of us would like to go back in time and play with that favorite toy just one more time or watch that show we loved, see videos of how we acted, or just relive moments in life that we took for granted as children. We could go back to the golden days, if only we had a time machine.  Since we can’t, I’m going to ask my mother, Wimberly Brackett, from Dalton High School class of 1993, about her childhood and about the things that made it special for her.  Mrs. Brackett is currently the Director of School Nutrition for Dalton Public Schools and has been for the past 6 years.

What are some things you remember as a child?

Mrs. Brackett states, “I remember playing sports all the time, playing outside until it was dark, and at night time coming in watching movies or playing Nintendo and Atari. I remember a lot of family time, and being with my cousins and grandparents.” Back in the 80s, I guess it was pretty common to be outside a lot, playing with friends from the neighborhood until after dark. Sure does sound better than being on your phone! Playing old-fashioned video games sound pretty cool as well!

What were things you loved to do?

Mrs. Brackett adds, “I loved playing outside, reading, watching movies, listening to music, swimming, and karate.” I can imagine my mother being active as a child, as she is always encouraging my siblings and I to be.  She was always busy with something, and I’m sure many kids were during that time as well! Nothing seemed to ever bother her!

What were your favorite shows?

Since there was no Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, Mrs. Brackett smiles as she remembers her favorites.  “Moonlighting! Also The Wonder Years, Miami Vice, and Little House on the Prairie.” There were probably a lot of good shows back then, and my parents watched them. On rainy days, or when they were just bored they would just spend hours watching movies!

When you were younger, how long did you spend the day playing?

Mrs. Brackett remembers reflects on her childhood, “Well, I spent 10-12 hours just playing outside and playing in the fields. I played whiffle ball, football, basketball, went swimming, and played Goonies.”

My father, Brad Brackett, 45, added, “In the summertime, after I finished my chores, I played extensively, we played war, kickball, dodgeball, baseball, and basketball. Sometimes all on the same day. I never played video games.”  Today, many kids spend hours on media and are constantly saying they are bored.  During my parents time period, they seem to occupy themselves with active friendships.  I bet they had a lot of fun during these times, and it sounds like they were very occupied with what they had planned.


Did you ever think you would be where you are now?

Mrs. Brackett says, “Well, I knew I wanted a family, three kids, but other than that I had no idea.”  It’s pretty challenging to think of where you’ll be when you’re an adult as a child. You just have to see what the future holds for you.

What were your favorite songs growing up?

With a big smile, Wimberly Brackett states, “We Are The World, Home Sweet Home, Billy Don’t You Lose My Number, This Old Heart Of Mine; there’s just so many good songs!”

You should see my mom’s playlist! So many of them! It’s not hard to believe she can’t choose just one!

What was your favorite toy or stuffed animal?

“My favorite stuffed animal was my E.T doll, but I loved playing He-Man with my brother, and my Smurf dolls!  I also loved Strawberry Shortcake and Nintendo. I didn’t really play with toys as much as I played outside.” From what I’ve heard, there were many cool toys back in the 80’s, and my mom had a lot of the best ones!  Some are even making a comeback today.

If you could go back to your childhood years, what would you change?

She states, “I would have devoted myself to one or two sports, and just focus on those. I wouldn’t care as much of what people thought of me, too. That’s nothing but a waste of energy.”

I’m sure many of us want to go back in time and change some things in our younger years. Many of us would like to revisit and see what we were like and what we did, but it’s sad we can’t. At least we have those good memories to hold with us and we can pass them down to our children.