Are Games Too Violent?

Chandler Cowart

     I can see where people are coming from with the statement that games are too violent.  After the recent mass shootings
in America, video gaming was back front and center in the news taking some of the blame, but blaming video games for this
violence is far from the truth.
     Recent studies show that violent video games have little to no direct correlation with
violence!  Although it is true that some games can cause anger and rage in certain ages,  there is
a rating label on the front to show what ages should be playing the game.   Because of this you might say it
is sometimes the parents fault for letting young kids play these games.  Have parents ever actually sat down and looked at the games their children are are playing?  If parents will do that first, then they will be able to decide if video games are too violent.
    Finally mental illness is a large factor in the situation. In 2012, a man by the
name of James Holmes was attending a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. He was dressed as the
main villain of the movie,The Joker, and shot up the entire theater.  James suffered from a delusional disorder where he believed he are someone else. He believed he was the Joker and wanted to do what the Joker would do.  Have we banned Batman comics or movies? No, we haven’t.
    People with mental illnesses should not watch movies like this. Same goes for video games.  Some mental illnesses can strongly affect the user in a bad way.
    So in conclusion, video games do not cause violence.  People do.  Parents or guardians should
control what games are played by the player.